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Supporting the Success of Skilled Immigrants

The White House Task Force on New Americans, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) partnered with IMPRINT and WES to examine some of the barriers foreign-educated workers face in accessing professional employment. 


IMPRINT Statement on WE Global Network Joint Day of Action
April 12, 2016

Events like WE Global Network’s Day of Action on the H1B visa point up the need for solutions to the skills gap that U.S. companies are facing, particularly in filling high-demand healthcare and STEM positions. However, in looking for a solution to bridge this gap, employers may not be aware that highly-skilled, immigrants, asylees, and refugees already living here in our communities represent a generally overlooked pipeline of talent that can also help fill many of these roles.


Seeking Responses for Mapping Project

We’re developing a first-of-its-kind map of the programs and services available nationwide to foreign-educated immigrant and refugee professionals.

If you’re interested in featuring your program or service for foreign-educated immigrant or refugee professionals on this map, please complete this 3-minute survey. Or, to provide your feedback by phone, contact Sylvia Rusin at 646-759-4801.

Do you know of another organization or individual that might like to feature their targeted program or service on this map? Forward this survey link and encourage them to respond as appropriate. Thank You!


Final WIOA state plan requirements have been posted

IMPRINT worked with the New York Immigration Coalition to draft these comments, which we’ve submitted to the New York State Department of Labor.

Special thanks to IMPRINT member Upwardly Global for drafting the comments; thanks to CAMBA, Goodwill of Greater NY & NJ, International Institute of Buffalo and The New York Immigration Coalition for help editing, and to the additional local partners who signed on!

Read the group’s WIOA comments and please let us know if your state plans to address these issues.

Research Report & Webinar:
Steps to Success: Integrating Immigrant Professionals in the United States

IMPRINT and WES Global Talent Bridge are proud to present our new report on the factors influencing the successful integration of immigrant of professionals into the U.S. workforce. Download the report and watch the webinar here.

Unpacking WIOA: 2-pager, Comments & More (07/02/2015)

On July 1st, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) takes effect! Does WIOA create an opportunity to improve services to immigrant professionals? Find out the answers in our new summary publication. Learn more about WIOA here.

IMPRINT : Immigrant Professional Integration


immigrant professional woman doctor The United States continues to be a beacon attracting immigrants from around the world. Many of these are highly educated with in-demand skills.

They come by a variety of means, including marriage to US citizens, winning the Diversity Visa lottery, direct investment, or being granted refugee or asylee status. Such New Americans are work authorized and here to stay.

Yet for a surprising number, their American Dream is deferred by multiple challenges to rebuilding their careers in the US. The taxi driver who was a scientist “back home;” the nanny earning poverty-level wages while her international nursing degree collects dust on her dresser.

Most of the challenges to re-entering the professional workforce can be overcome, as the member organizations of IMPRINT have proven in our more than 40 years of collective experience. This consortium represents practitioners leading the US in the new field of high skilled immigrant workforce integration.

We connect this untapped talent pool with resources and employers for the benefit of all.

We hope you will learn more about these issues by exploring the site. Lend your voice to ours as we reach out to government, business and other practitioners with our proven, innovative models. And please join our mailing list for updates. Thank you!


The Challenge

Imagine a doctor working as a dishwasher, or an engineer driving a taxicab.

Unfortunately, these people aren’t imaginary – they represent the more than 2.7 million across the US who are unemployed or work in jobs far below their capacity.

Their under-employment has high costs for their families and communities. When these talented workers are unable to apply their international education and training to work in the United States, they face low wages, while the broader community suffers a tremendous waste of human capital.

But what if a Kenyan nurse or a Ukrainian engineer is able to practice his or her profession in the United States? The benefits are remarkable! Higher wages allow them to provide for their families, while increasing their contributions to tax revenue. Entry-level jobs are freed up for workers who are just beginning their careers, and employers benefit from skilled workers in high-demand professions.

So how do we get there?  Click here to learn more.

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