IMPRINT: Immigrant Professional Integration

Mapping Immigrant Professional Integration

Programs and Services by State

This interactive map showcases over 50 programs and services around the country that are designed to help immigrant and refugee professionals achieve success in the United States. These programs and services focus on career preparation, ESL for high-skilled immigrants, and licensing and credentialing guidance, and are hosted by service providers, advocacy and public education institutions, and technical assistance and resource providers.

To Get Started:

Select a state, organizational activity, and/or focus area from the drop down menus to view programs and services in that area. Hover over the names in the table below the map to read more about them. To view data, either hover over a state, or select it from the drop down menu and refer to the table and chart below.


About the Map:

This map showcases current efforts targeting immigrant and refugee professionals in the U.S.

This first of its kind interactive map serves as a catalyst for economic equity and empowerment. It aims to connect, educate, and inspire service providers, technical assistance providers, researchers, policymakers, advocates, and funders to close the opportunity gap and engage in local efforts to help college-educated immigrants transition into careers that match their skills and experience.

Currently, there are upwards of 50 programs or services in the United States that met strict mapping criteria. There may be other initiatives that are currently not featured. For this reason, it is our hope that the map will lift existing resources out of the shadows and also serve as a springboard for the development of new initiatives.

The map also reveals the number and share of college-educated immigrants in the country and in each state, based on 2015 American Community Survey data.

Want to be featured?

If you believe that your program or service for foreign-educated immigrant or refugee professionals should be featured on this map, please complete a 3 minute survey.

If you know of another organization that might qualify to be featured on this map, please forward this survey link and encourage your communities on the ground to respond as appropriate.

For more information, please contact Sylvia Rusin: [email protected]