IMPRINT: Immigrant Professional Integration

New Jersey Governor Murphy Announces New Measures to Advance Immigrant and Refugee Integration

Photo Credit: Edwin J. Torres/Governor’s Office.

State level Offices for New Americans, all with strong mandates for immigrant and refugee inclusion, are becoming more common across the nation. A range of issues is driving the creation of these offices, including humanitarian concerns and a recognition of the value of cultural diversity, with economic development imperatives and workforce needs across skill levels usually in the mix. Since the trend toward increasing educational attainment levels among newly arriving immigrants has implications for middle and high skilled labor markets, occupational licensing issues are often addressed as well.

In the case of New Jersey, an executive order directs the Department of Human Services and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development to design an Office of New Americans. The order also establishes an Interagency Workgroup on New American Integration charged with implementing and coordinating immigrant-friendly best practices across the breadth of state government. Recognizing that immigrants, including newly arrived refugees, are integral to the state, Governor Murphy also submitted to the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement the state’s intent to regain oversight of New Jersey’s refugee resettlement program.

Click to read the entirety of N.J. Executive Order #74. Then, to better understand the policy landscape shaping this trend, please join us in tracking proposed and enacted legislation in other states this year related to the establishment or re-establishment of similar offices: ENACTED: Nevada; PENDING: California; Pennsylvania; DEFEATED: Arizona, Oregon.

Refer to the IMPRINT Policy Map for additional policy examples and further updates .

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