IMPRINT: Immigrant Professional Integration

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Bridging the Gap for College-Educated Immigrants: A Guide for Community Colleges

Developed by WES Global Talent Bridge in partnership with Community College Consoritum for Immigrant Education (CCCIE), the Guide is a new resource to support the vital role that community colleges can play in helping skilled immigrants transition into professional careers.

Supporting Skilled Immigrants: A Toolkit for ESL Practitioners

Created by WES Global Talent Bridge, this toolkit tackles the challenges of properly serving the skilled immigrant population in the adult education classroom.

Upwardly Global Resume Builder FAQ & Template

Use this template to help immigrant students and clients create an American resume.

WES Online Degree Equivalency Tool

Designed for immigrants, employers, and service providers, this FREE online tool gives a preview of what an international degree is worth in the US.
Please note:The equivalency provided online is not based on verified information or documents, and so cannot be used for official purposes. To obtain a WES evaluation that will be recognized by U.S. universities, employers and licensing boards, individuals must apply for a WES evaluation and submit official academic documents.

Professional Licensing Guides

Upwardly Global Professional Licensing Guides for 10 popular careers are available online for four states: California, Illinois, Michigan and New York.
These guides are designed to help skilled understand all of the steps required to earn a state professional license or credential to return to the full practice of a regulated profession.

Career Guides for Skilled Immigrants in Pennsylvania

The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians identified four high-growth industries in Pennsylvania and developed detailed career guides for each field: accountant, mechanical engineer, systems analyst, and teacher. These guides outline the process for becoming a certified professional and provide information about various types of jobs within each field, regional employers who hire these professionals, salary ranges, and employment resources.

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