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On this page, we have compiled a list of research on skilled immigrants produced by outside organizations.

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Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education

Increasing Opportunities for Immigrant Students: Community College Strategies for Success

This report is a comprehensive look at today’s immigrant students who are often older, nontraditional students and their needs. It identifies 11 factors that are predictive of success and spotlights “promising practices” in this field. Additionally, it offers recommendations for policy changes and future investments.

By Jill Casner-Lotto, November 2011

Migration Policy Institute

Uneven Progress: The Employment Pathways of Skilled Immigrants in the United States

This detailed analysis from the nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank Migration Policy Institute quantifies the extent of “brain waste” among different groups of skilled immigrants who were educated outside the U.S. The report also offers possible solutions to common barriers that skilled immigrants encounter.

By Jeanne Batalova and Michael Fix, October 2008

Credential Recognition in the United States for Foreign Professionals

This report examines the barriers that health and engineering professionals who were educated abroad encounter in attempting to become licensed in the U.S. It looks at cross-country efforts to address credentialing issues that result in underemployment for such individuals and offers policy recommendations.

By Linda Rabben, May 2013

Skills, Professional Regulation, and International Mobility in the Engineering Workforce

This report reviews the skills and structure of the engineering workforce, the industry’s professional regulation, and international efforts to forge common standards. It concludes with an assessment of the barriers to international mobility.

By Mathew Dixon, July 2013

Tackling Brain Waste: Strategies to Improve the Recognition of Immigrants’ Foreign Qualifications

This report examines the range of policies immigrant-receiving countries have introduced to improve the recognition of foreign credentials and focuses on strategies to remedy the credentialing gaps that keep many immigrants from fulfilling their professional potential.

By Madeleine Sumption, July 2013

Recognizing Foreign Qualifications: Emerging Global Trends

In this report, University of Melbourne migration expert Leslieanne Hawthorne examines the qualification assessment process for foreign workers in regulated occupations. She identifies several emerging policies and trends, including the push towards global qualifications in some fields, and the partial or conditional recognition of foreign qualifications in others.

By Leslieanne Hawthorne, July 2013

Upwardly Global

A Look at Skilled Immigrant Workers in the U.S.

Based on an in-depth analysis of over 500 of their clients, Upwardly Global was able to quantify the economic impact of moving skilled immigrants from low-level jobs into employment that commiserates with their education and experiences obtained abroad.Their analysis show that skilled immigrant integration not only produces immediate benefits for the individual but also larger, lucrative benefits for the nation overall.

April 2013

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