IMPRINT: Immigrant Professional Integration

Sneak Peek: IMPRINT’s Survey of College-Educated Immigrants

Take an early look at our findings from our survey of college-educated immigrants, in this special webinar featuring lead researcher Jim Witte of the Institute for Immigration Research at George Mason University. Jim provides a practical overview of the study’s methodology and approach. He’ll also share intriguing nuggets from the groundbreaking survey, which drew on feedback from more than 4,000 college-educated immigrants in six metropolitan areas.

Jim is joined by Amanda Bergson-Shilcock of National Skills Coalition, who helped shape the survey design before she left IMPRINT in early 2015. Amanda discusses the challenges and opportunities in designing and implementing a survey of this type between a nonprofit and academic partner.

If you are interested in the factors that can help immigrant professionals to succeed, or are contemplating doing a survey of your own, don’t miss this webinar!

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